Curriculum Vitae

Born: August 2, 1934, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Marital Status: Married, three children


Undergraduate:  1951-1952 College of University of Chicago, A.B. 1952
Graduate:           1952-1954 Division of Biological Science, University of Chicago
1954-1958 State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center, M.D., 1958
Internship:          1958-1959 United States Public Health Service Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
Residency:         1959-1962 Resident in Psychiatry at Winter V.A. Hospital, Topeka, Kansas.

Military Service

1962-1964 Surgeon (R), United States Public Health Service, Chief Medical Officer and Psychiatrist, Federal Reformatory, Petersburg, Virginia

Medical Licensure
1960 New York
1962 Virginia

Private Practice

1964-present New York City


1964 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Psychiatry)
1975 Psychoanalysis, American Psychoanalytic Association

Teaching Appointments

1990 -1992 Faculty, Smith College School for Social Work
1989-present Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Mt. Sinai School Department of Psychiatry
1985-present Training and Supervising Analyst, New York Psychoanalytic Institute
1982-present Faculty, New York Psychoanalytic Institute
1980-present Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine
1975-present Faculty, Psychoanalytic Institute at New York University
1972-1974 Adjunct Instructor, Brooklyn College Department of Social Sciences
1964-1975 Faculty, Albert Einstein School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry
1963 Faculty, Fourth Annual Institute on Probation and Parole Supervision, Louisville, Kentucky, Kent School of Social Work

Professional Organizations

Fellow, American Psychiatric Association
New York Psychoanalytic Society
Psychoanalytic Association of New York
International Psychoanalytic Association
Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Medical Society
American Psychoanalytic Association
American Psychological Association
Division 39 and Section 2 American Psychological Association
New York Psychoanalytic Institute and Society
Psychoanalytic Association of New York
American College of Psychoanalysts
Honorary Member, American Institute of Psychoanalysis, Karen Horney Clinic (2000)

Professional Activities

New York Psychoanalytic Society:

  • Chairman, Extension Division 1989-1994
  • Co-chairman, Extension Division 1987-1989
  • Chairman for Public Information 1986-1989
  • Training and Supervising Analyst 1985-present
  • Examiner, Affiliated Staff, New York Psychoanalytic Treatment Center 1985-1988
  • Secretary 1983-1985
  • Alternate Councillor to American Psychoanalytic Association 1980-1982
  • Councillor to American Psychoanalytic Association 1978-1980
  • Member, Affiliated Staff, New York Psychoanalytic Treatment Center 1970-1988

Psychoanalytic Association of New York:

  • Chairman, Public Information Committee 1983-1985
  • Book Review Editor – PANY Bulletin 1983-present

Psychoanalytic Institute at NYU:

  • Curriculum Committee 1984-1985
  • Research Student Committee 1983-1985
  • Student Advisor Committee 1982-1985

American Psychoanalytic Association:

  • Program Committee 1990-present
  • Liaison Public Information Committee 1989-present
  • Editor, American Psychoanalyst 1989-1994
  • Assistant Editor, American Psychoanalyst 1988-1989
  • Alternate Councillor from New York Psychoanalytic Society 1980-1982
  • Councillor from New York Psychoanalytic Society 1978-1980

International Psychoanalytic Association:

  • Program Committee 1991 Congress at Buenos Aires 1989-present
  • Secretary, 1987 Congress at Montreal 1985-1987
  • North American Program Executive Committee, 1985 Congress at Hamburg 1983-1985

Editorial Positions:

  • Editor, Journal of the American 1994-present
  • Psychoanalytic Association Editorial Board, Journal of Clinical 1990-present
  • Psychoanalysis Editorial Board, Psychoanalytic Reviews 1989-present
  • Editor, The American Psychoanalyst 1988-1993
  • Editorial Board, Psychoanalytic Inquiry 1982-1985
  • Book Review Editor, Bulletin of the Psychoanalytic Association of New York 1981-present
  • Editorial Reader, Psychoanalytic Quarterly 1980-1993


Chair, PEP-CD ROM Symposia
The Seduction Hypothesis 100 Later: Trauma, Fantasy, and Reality Today 1998
Analytic Hours: Good, Bad, and Ugly 1999
Journeys on the Royal Road 2000
Chairperson, Organizing Committee: THE LIVING LEGACY OF SIGMUND FREUD New School for Social Research 1989
Workshop Leader, American Psychoanalytic Association: SIGNIFICANCE OF THE DATA OF

Community Service

1990 Committee for the Sigmund Freud Chair at Hebrew University
1987-90 Chairman of the Board of Directors of Y.I.V.O.
1987 Honoree of Mental Health Professional Division of United Jewish Appeal (with Arlene Kramer Richards)
1986-present Member of the Board of Directors of Y.I.V.0.
1970-85 Member of the Board of Trustees of the Society for the Advancement of Judaism